Ember Pack II

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Hello and Welcome To Ember Pack II

Before you read any further, if you are a troll, trouble maker or roleplayer, or just here to make fun of us or insult us just click that red box in the top right corner and leave.

Now why are you on this site?

Are you looking for information or answers?
Answers to why you feel so different. Why you have been feeling different all your life. Well look no further.

You see this site is a site to help people like you. This site is a site for Supernatural Creatures. This site is a pack, a family. Here we help each other out, we share experiences, teach each other and treat each other as equals.
Age and how much experience you have had dosent mattter here, what matters here is helping you as much as we can.  Anyone is welcome here as long as they are not here to cause trouble. Just ask and we will assist you in any way we can.

On this site we focus mainly on shifting. Physical shifting, mind shifting and so on. But do not worrie, many of our members have experience and knowledge in more areas then shifting.

So what Supernatural Creatures am I talking about?
Well lets start with the more common once. Werewolves, Vampires, Therians, Otherkin, Avians and more.

Now your looking for yourself, you might not realise it yet. But you dont know who you are until you know what you are. So lets start with finding out what you are. But first we need to know more about you. 

The next step is very simple. You want answers and information correct? We will give them to you.

If you want to join just send a mail to this email: wolfshadowscar@gmail.com and register.
For security and safety you will be made a limited member for the time being. How do you become a full member you might wonder? Well you have to contact an Administrator or the Site Owner. This is nothing personal it is just safety and security protocols to keep trouble makers out.

P.s Dont forget to read the rules at the bottom of this page.

Welcome Home, Welcome To Ember Pack II.

To make it easy for you to know who to contact about full membership or help here are the ranks.






The Rules: 

*Respect every single member and their belief. Disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated.

*If you do not agree that shifting is possible but still are intrested in it, you are free to stay but do not cause any trouble. Trouble makers will not be tolerated.

*This is not a site for roleplay, it is a site to learn and therefore, if your a roleplayer you will have to leave. Roleplaying in the forums will not be tolerated.

*There are children here, so adult content of any sort wil not be tolerated.

*Respect other members opinions.

*Harrasing or bullying of any sort is not accepted what so ever.

*Report any problems to a moderator or an administrator.

*Foul language should be kept at a minimum.

*Racism or sexism will not be tolerated.

*Do not involve the site in anything illegal.

*Do not start any drama, drama is preferably kept of this site.

*Note: The alphas and betas have the right to edit a forum post. But only if that post was made in a disrespectful way. The content will not be edited only the way you say it.

These rules are in place to keep this site drama free, peaceful and friendly so please follow them. 

/Shadowscar Alpha Female and Site Owner.

  • Welcome To Ember Pack II.
I am Shadowscar The Site Owner.
    Welcome To Ember Pack II. I am Shadowscar The Site Owner.
Welcome To Ember Pack II.
I am Shadowscar The Site Owner.
Welcome To Ember Pack II. I am Shadowscar The Site Owner.